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What is CDS? CDS stands for Chlorine Dioxide Solution. It is a pH-neutral aqueous solution with a maximum (ClO₂) concentration of 0,3% dissolved gas.

How is CDS made? CDS can be produced from a chemical reaction between (NaClO₂) Sodium chlorite and (HCl) Hydrochloric acid. The gas produced, (ClO₂), saturates and dissolves into a water (H₂O) solution. 

Is Chlorine Dioxide the same as bleach?    No. The common household chemical used as bleach is composed of an entirely different molecule called Sodium hypochlorite (NAClO) which is toxic.

What is ClO₂? ClO₂ is the molecular formula of Chlorine Dioxide. It is a very soluble gas that evaporates at 11°C, composed of 1 Chlorine atom and 2 Oxygen atoms. 

What is Chlorine Dioxide used for? ClO₂ has been used for over 100 years for the disinfection of potable water. It has been equally applied in the food industry to disinfect fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, etc. ​For around 2 decades, ClO₂ has been used in therapeutic applications with ongoing scientific research over multiple medical fields. CDS is the most advanced form so far developed and continues to show great promise and results in new medical technology.

Is CDS safe to consume? Yes. CDS is a very docile and safe substance for human/animal consumption under the recommended dosages, guidelines, and therapeutic protocols.


How does CDS work in the body? (a) CDS acts as an Oxidizing Agent in a Redox reaction against pathogens or toxins in the body. Through a transfer of electrons, the Reducing Agents (pathogens, toxins) are "Oxidized" or burnt, transformed into an alkaline state.  (b) CDS oxygenates the red blood cells providing sufficient energy for proper metabolic cellular functions. ​(c) CDS does not accumulate in the body. Its maximum average durability is around 2 hours in the body. Upon administration, CDS takes effect (a) + (b) and peaks within 7 to 15 minutes, then it gradually subsides.

How long should CDS be taken for? CDS would be recommended until achieving full health recovery. Depending on the depth of affection and individual progress, therapy varies in length.  ​For many, CDS is also a new lifestyle combined with an adequate diet for optimal health maintenance.

Are there other precautions to be taken using CDS? People under Warfarin should monitor their own coagulation levels since CDS improves blood viscosity. The same applies to people taking other medications to control blood sugar levels or high blood pressure as CDS also helps the body balance these values.  ​The ClO₂ gases must not be inhaled during prolonged periods as this may cause irritation in the throat and respiratory problems.   ​CDS should not be used for occlusive dressings in concentrated form, although as a spray it is harmless to the skin.

How is CDS used in therapeutics? There are various protocols for the administration of CDS. These may include oral, topical, enema, douche, baths, (CDI) IV among other techniques depending on suggested treatments. ​CDS is being applied in many medical fields from dermatology to oncology, to name a few, research continues on this technology with excellent results.

Does CDS have any side effects? CDS does not produce side effects when it is gradually administered under therapy. ​(a) Certain people may be overly sensitive to CDS in relation to its taste. It is then recommended to lower any dosage by half and start a gradual intake. Another technique is to mix CDS with a saline water solution to improve the taste. Mixing fresh natural coconut water with CDS has also proven to work very well for those sensitive to its taste. ​(b) Some people could experience a "healing crisis," also possibly referred to as a "Jarisch Herxheimer reaction (JHR)" during therapy as part of the detoxification process. This detox reaction is not necessary in order to heal and the dosages can be lowered in half or as needed to avoid such an incidence.

Does CDS interact with other drugs?  No interactions with other medications have been observed to this date if it is not taken simultaneously and 1 hour is observed between the intake of both.

Where can I find a doctor that works with CDS? The World Coalition for Life & Health (COMUSAV) may be reached for help. The association has over +3,000 medical doctors as members so far (Dec 2021) in different countries.

How can I find guidance on the therapeutic use of CDS? ​is a public health forum fostering the exchange of insights and experiences among health professionals, enthusiasts, and experts. Dive into discussions on oxidative therapy and various other health topics. ​ALK Foundation is a dedicated research entity offering guidance and treatment support from experts specializing in oxidative therapy. ​ assists the general public with therapeutic help with expert workshops, private consultations, and health campaigns. BUGSI CDS Brochure Guide contains the most essential CDS protocols for quick reference and can be printed as a PDF.



COMUSAV Protocols:

- COVID-19

- Anti-inoculation

Download PDF:

- BUGSI CDS Brochure Guide (Protocols)

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